Entries by Marlena May Cuesta

Keep Calm and Learn

During these days of uncertainty, MoveUp is not claiming to have the answers to the myriad of struggles our users face.  Micro-entrepreneurs are the first to suffer in a global pandemic as they suffer from the most exposure and take the hardest hit from the retracting economy.  However, in these days of struggle and isolation, we hope our rapidly developing content library provides valuable, accurate information and hope.

We’ve tripled our efforts in content development, and our library has 19 courses available with 84 lessons.

An Attitude of Gratitude

Through our partnerships, in the last 11 months we have reached 970 with our mobile application, AEI Para Ti.
In the last 3 weeks, we’ve reached 443 people with the smart projectors and cross USBs. 117 individuals are actively studying today.  3 weeks ago, they didn’t have that opportunity.

Something New to Do

In a community of less than 200 people, reaching over 20% of them in a week is an incredible start. During our premiere of the pilot, over 31 people watched classes together. In the last week, 36 people came out to watch a movie outside in a nearby basketball court.


Angela had the discipline to suffer extreme poverty and hunger because she was dreaming about the fruit her children would one day harvest. Because of her discipline, she escaped from that extreme poverty to provide for her family.

Why Keep Learning?

More than anything else, the lack of education results in a damaging lack of confidence when doing business. You have to rely on others for too much, and you never know if you’re being treated fairly. A taxi driver who can barely read has to memorize what signs look like in order to get a client safely to their destination. A woman who sells clothes is extremely limited when ordering new inventory as she cannot read the description of what is inside the boxes.