Taking an AEI Para Ti class together.
Taking an AEI Para Ti class together.

Why Keep Learning?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with eight Esperanza associates while they waited to receive dental implants from a generous dental laboratory owner who was here teaching a Dominican student his trade. We had hours to spare, and I asked the seasoned associates why they wanted to keep learning, especially since they all were busy parents and business owners who wake up before dawn every day of the week.

A short, slim woman spoke up, “So I won’t be taken advantage of.”

The other associates nodded and murmured their agreement.  What followed was a series of examples of how these small micro-entrepreneurs have built successful, sustainable businesses despite their little education.  Of the eight, only two could read.  The rest have memorized bills, coins, and signs to manage their businesses.  Most have memorized dozens of common sums and subtractions so they can quickly make change for clients, although they haven’t taken math classes.

“Yes, I’ve memorized my math.  What choice do I have? But obviously, I want to learn how to read and do math in my business.  It will help so much,” Carmen, an owner of two cafeterias explained.

A taxi driver who can barely read has to memorize what signs look like in order to get a client safely to their destination.  A woman who sells clothes is extremely limited when ordering new inventory as she cannot read the description of what is inside the boxes. More than anything else, the lack of education results in a damaging lack of confidence when doing business. You have to rely on others for too much, and you never know if you’re being treated fairly.

These entrepreneurs have overcome so many challenges to maintain their small businesses. Many of these challenges could have been easily avoided if they knew how to read and if they knew simple business techniques to help them manage their business and their clients.  The simple, actionable education on the mobile app AEI Para Ti empowers them with confidence.  It provides them with the knowledge to avoid the next inevitable challenge they face tomorrow.

Why keep learning? So you can proudly stand up for yourself and manage your business with confidence.