Content development

The MoveUp goal is to create a great impact in the lives of vulnerable people, empowering them through learning so that they can achieve their dreams, help their community grow and grow professionally, personally and spiritually.

We consider education to be the foundation of everything, and today it is constantly evolving. That is why we use microlearning as the main strategy for the creation of our content. At MoveUp our lessons take no more than 5-20 min to complete, giving the user freedom to learn about topics in no time. We insert into these lessons’ gamification (where users have activities and games within the lessons), which increases attention and concentration. Thanks to gamification, our lessons are more attractive to the user and the learning process is faster, eliminating interruptions or distractions that the user may have around them. With this method, our users receive a positive social reinforcer by earning stars, receiving trophies, earning points, among other things. Thanks to microlearning and gamification, our content has had a great impact on our users and their lives. Content development through microlearning pedagogy provides the following advantages:

  • Improves retention of knowledge.
  • It supports virtual learning.
  • Save time in the training process.
  • Motivates the user to keep learning.
  • It is short and easy to access.

By using gamification, it is achieved:

  • User motivation is high. Having fun while you learn is a source of motivation.
  • Increase concentration and attention.
  • The user understands that learning should not be boring.
  • Provides a new learning model.
  • He can share his opinion with others, understanding that learning is built in groups and not individually.
  • Increase interactivity.
  • Introduces the use of new technologies.
  • Improve user communication.