Mission – Vision – Values

We empower vulnerable people with affordable knowledge that can change their lives.

Expand the Kingdom of God through empowering people.

Our values form the acronym RISE, which means "move from a lower position to a higher one".

  • Respect: We are respectful to everyone. We show respect in the diversity of the excellent and relevant courses we make, our customer and user service, and in our daily interactions with others.


  • Innovation: We look for new ways to teach new and interesting content through technology, so that our users are at the forefront. We are innovation!


  • Sustainability: As a sustainable organization, we want to impact the world through our business. Therefore, we help entrepreneurs through education so that their businesses are also sustainable and can generate profits for the owner and their employees.


  • Empowerment: It is the basis of who we are. We are always looking for ways to empower others with the help of an affordable education. We believe that everyone, through education, has the power to change their lives.