Brand Promises

Our content library includes over 39 courses and 269 lessons. We publish new content every month, based on the needs of our end users, the beneficiaries of our customers. All content is specifically written to close the competitiveness gaps of the target people and the goals that our partner wants to achieve; Education is written taking into account the educational level of the users so that everyone can understand and apply it.

All of our content uses the learning methodology of micro-learning: the lessons are short; a lesson can be completed in 5-20 minutes. We understand that our users are busy with their jobs, businesses, with their children and family, among other responsibilities. So the education is short and applicable: each lesson provides ideas that can be implemented immediately after finishing the lesson.

The app is inclusive: offline learning classes can be downloaded, narrated courses are available for the non-literate, and we incorporate all learning styles into our lessons to improve content retention.

The development of the courses includes gamification, games and activities that force the user to consume and learn the content, increasing this level of learning.

It has been proven that, through our methodology, people go from a 20% retention rate of concepts and completion of a course to 90%.

We provide our clients with a platform that allows them to communicate with their our clients and/or stakeholders through a new means of communication: our mobile application.
The experience in the App is customizable with respect to the branding, so that the user feels that they have in their hands an extension of our client's facilities.
You can send personalized notifications, upload tasks and comments, interact with users in discussion forums and do competitions to earn stars among users in the application.

The app allows you to receive certificates of participation for each course, in addition to allowing initiatives that reward users with vouchers or gift cards.

You can also upload promotions related to the user, links to social networks, among others. The application also integrates video call platforms (such as Zoom), so that users can connect to a call for special events or consultancies within the same application. Users can even upload videos and photos of themselves by answering questions and tasks in the app. This platform will help them to connect directly with their users, and interact with them in a new, modern and digital way.

Our platform allows us to report on the activity and success of users on the platform at any time. We track changes in the user, or in a group of users, and can make changes to the content and the platform immediately to maximize learning and retention. We can easily analyze the difficulty of a course, and make changes to the platform. This allows you to see how users are progressing in the application, which courses are most popular, and what decisions need to be made to increase the implementation, adaptation, and success of the platform with your users.

Based on our experience, all content is developed according to the specifications of the target audience, thus being relevant and applicable for people of any socioeconomic and educational level.

We know how to work and accompany people in their education, and the platform is designed to cater to everyone, to make it as simple and impressive as possible. Part of the service we provide includes success meetings and trainings, through which we offer various implementation ideas and continuous improvement to increase the success of the platform with its partners.