Five Reasons Continued Education is Important

Five Reasons Continued Education is Important

Last week, we discussed how education is a lifelong journey. The world we live in demands we continue learning, whether it be new recipes, software for our job, or how to adapt to COVID-19. However, the demands of adult life leave us scrambling to accomplish everything on our to-do list, and continued education is often one of the items that gets left unchecked or forgotten.

To boost our motivation to keep learning, here are five reasons that continued education is important:

(1) Helps us keep up with the world’s changes

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Technology has augmented our connectivity within our communities and throughout the world at large. The rapid development of technology requires we consistently learn new skills, whether it be saving documents on the cloud, video calling loved ones, or setting up a firewall and password protector. To a certain extent, we can learn these skills through trial and error, but a class helps us learn and develop the skills to be able to replicate our actions in future tasks. A great way to learn technology is by using it! Our application at MoveUp teaches users app navigation skills, online commenting, and more while taking classes on business, preventative healthcare, etc.

Additionally, our global community and connection merits learning a new language or studying a different culture to be able to relate appropriately with our global neighbors.

(2) Helps us respond to the changes in our personal lives

Adult education not only helps us to respond to the changing world but also to our own rapidly changing lives. Our professional and personal goals when we were in school were probably much different than they are today. While our past education may have prepared us for those goals, our evolution into who we are today and who we want to become requires continual learning. Perhaps you have changed careers or started a new business. Perhaps you’re a new parent and want to learn parenting skills. Perhaps you’ve picked up a new hobby. Regardless, your past education is probably less relevant for your new reality. Continued adult education helps you learn what matters most now, so you can be successful in your current and future ventures.

(3) Changes up our routine and increase satisfaction

Third, education helps us change our routines. If you have picked up a new hobby, congratulations! It is much easier to fall into a comfortable rhythm and repetitive daily schedule. Learning or doing something new helps shake up our routine.  While this change may be uncomfortable or challenging at first, it eventually results in higher satisfaction and happiness.

(4) Exercises our Minds

Our mind is similar to other muscles in our body. It needs to be exercised in order to develop. Doing the same job-related tasks and spending time with the same people for years does not necessarily exercise our brain. Continued education challenges our way of thinking. It introduces us to new perspectives and challenging topics. It also increases our creativity as we are exposed to different material and concepts. At MoveUp, our innovative content helps entrepreneurs think up new business models and products. Perhaps they’re taking a course on marketing, but it is equally probable they are taking our course on parenting during COVID and inspiration struck for a new product line based off of a concept presented or a photo we used.

(5) Develops Confidence

Finally, continued education helps us develop confidence. The more we learn, the more we can engage with and respond to current events and issues. If we only know about our specific profession, culture or community, we may feel insecure when asked to respond to something outside of those realms. By studying diverse concepts outside of our expertise, we gain a repertoire of perspectives and knowledge that help us respond to new challenges. We expand our friend groups and social sectors. We possess the skills to respond to future changes. This confidence equips us to boldly march into the future and make plans and goals for success.


Continued education is important, regardless of our age, social status, and the number of degrees we currently possess. Education prepares us for the future, increases our satisfaction, exercises our minds, and makes us more confident. Fortunately, today education is available for most of us with a single swipe or a couple of keystrokes. So, what are you waiting for? Start learning something new today and let us know how it goes.


MoveUp provides digital continuing education to those who don’t have access. Interested in learning more about our work? Reach out today!


Interested in reading more data? Here is a fascinating report on Higher Education and its benefits by the Department of Business Innovation & Skills in London.


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