MoveUp and EdApp

MoveUp and EdApp

I was hesitant, perhaps even wary, when MoveUp made the switch from our previous developer to EdApp. Though I had extensively researched EdApp and was convinced it was the right solution for us, my last experience designing micro education had been less than enjoyable, and I was apprehensive to learn a new program.

MoveUp’s Unique Needs

MoveUp serves a unique market. We provide actionable and accessible education to under-resourced communities, to those who need it most. Our users are frequently bilingual and partially literate or illiterate. To make courses inclusive, we need narration, easy course translation, and plenty of options for visual aids and gamification. To make matters even more complicated, the majority of our users do not have consistent access to WIFI, data connection or electricity. Our authoring tool needs to provide offline capabilities. EdApp was one of the only platforms that provides all of these features, and they have not disappointed.

First Encounters

When I logged on for the first time, I was amazed at how intuitive the authoring tool was.  Without even taking a tour, I was able to start building a lesson. With our past provider, it took about two days to design a lesson. With EdApp, I finished my first lesson in under an hour, and it was beautiful, downloadable, and fun. When I had questions, I navigated to EdApp’s support page to look for answers, and if I couldn’t find an answer there, I reached out through EdApp’s chat, where actual humans responded within seconds. In my first weeks with EdApp, Dylan and Dave, the two chat representatives who responded to all my questions, never failed to respond in a timely and caring manner.


When we released the new version of our content through EdApp to our users, the feedback was excellent. I received a hilarious complaint, “It’s just so beautiful I don’t know where to look!” (A tip: EdApp allows you to upload background photos to your lessons. Be sure they are not too “beautiful” or they may distract from your content.) As we reach more users, EdApp has been there every step of the way, supporting us with analytics and advice.

Recently, MoveUp has also benefited from being part of EdApp’s authoring community. I enjoy debating learning theory and receiving feedback from a passionate network of other content writers. My team also enjoys learning more about microlearning through EdApp’s webinars and blog.

Of course, no program is perfect. We have had difficulties with specific phones not being able to download content, users being unable to make accounts, and the narration feature has had some bugs. Analytics are much better than on our last platform, but have room for growth. Still, EdApp has always responded quickly to resolving errors, and releases frequent updates with additional features.


My hesitancy and worries that first day with EdApp were misguided. We made an excellent decision in choosing EdApp.  Not only are they a great authoring tool and microlearning LMS, they care about more than just the bottom line.  Through initiatives like Educate All with UNITAR, they have shown their commitment to making an impact through digital microlearning. We at MoveUp are glad we’ve found a partner who meets our unique needs and shares our values.  Thanks EdApp!

Do you have any questions about EdApp, authoring, or our work providing education to the under-resourced?  Reach out or comment below!



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