Dan Devine

Dan Devine

Dan is the founder and chairman of the board of directors of MoveUp. He is the person in charge of setting vision and passing, throughout the organization, his dream of seeing lives changed through education.

He is driven by his passion for promoting education as a way to “help people help themselves” and to enable people to rise above their socioeconomic status and realize their full potential.

His experience in a variety of social, philanthropic and educational endeavors has shaped Dan’s life and contributed to the creation of MoveUP. Prior to this initiative, Dan led the Compass Knowledge Group for nearly two decades, working with institutions of higher education to develop distance learning programs.

Under Dan’s leadership a cross-functional team of academic, business, marketing, recruiting and student support professionals worked in a knowledge partnership with academic partners in the US.

Through an active collaborative business model, the Compass team worked to execute the vision of such knowledge partnerships with the institution of higher education, contributing to growth in student recruitment and higher retention.

The Knowledge Partnership business model was developed by Dan and his Compass team in 1996 in partnership with the University of Florida College of Pharmacy. Today, this innovative business model is known throughout the industry as Online Program Management (OPM).

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