Mark Hitchner

Mark Hitchner

Mark Hitchner

As an advocate for education and professional development, Mark drives the business side of MoveUp by seeking partnership opportunities to spawn new programs and initiatives.

Throughout his career, Mark has created, operated and developed successful businesses, always ready to meet the challenges of start-up organizations. Mark’s experience covers marketing, sales channel building, product positioning, and strategic planning. He has also been one of the first investors in various companies.

Mark’s experience in a diverse number of companies was instrumental in the creation of MoveUp and other partner organizations. He has run Splash Media U, LLC, an online social media marketing school that offered certificate programs for the masses. From this position, he led the process that would end with the evolution of Splash Media U to Splash Media, a digital marketing agency.

Prior to this role, Mark was Director of Strategy at XOS Digital, during the creation of the SEC Digital network on behalf of the Southeast Conference. Mark further developed his strategic skills by serving as Vice President of Strategic Planning and Development at GlobalTec Solutions. In this role, he worked on strategic alliances and new initiatives for business growth.

As a result of his diverse experience and committed background, Mark has gained a set of knowledge, skills, and life experiences that can fulfill MoveUp’s mission of “helping people help themselves.”

Mark has a B.A. from Furman University and earned an MBA in Finance from Rollins College. Mark is passionate about his faith, his family, and building lasting businesses that can positively impact people who want to learn.

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