This year has been full of shock and sudden change, mourning, and extreme loss. For many, the new normal will not feel normal at all because a loved one is absent from the kitchen table. Many others are homesick, physically sick, or struggling with their mental health.

Even so, there are always reasons to give thanks. Regardless of our external struggles, we can find inner peace and joy. I’m reminded of that frequently when I hear testimonies from our users about why they are thankful.

Most of our users are economically vulnerable microentrepreneurs. The majority are women, many are Haitian immigrants, and almost all have experienced extreme hardship in their lives. Yet, they use their spare time to take classes on personal finance, customer service, preventive healthcare, and parenting. They understand the importance of pushing forward, learning something new, and keeping their heads up.


This Thanksgiving, I will let you be encouraged by the reasons our users are thankful for MoveUp and our partner Esperanza International:


“The course Business in Times of Crisis helped me realize that all was not lost (in my business) and that when the crisis comes, we can still move towards our goals if we apply these wise practices.”


“I’m grateful for the course Supporting my Child at Home because it not only taught me how to have fun with my kids but also brought me back to my childhood!”


Yenny smiling at the camera

“The application has helped me learn important tactics to grow my business. The course, Coronavirus taught me how to take care of my family. Before I took this course, we were not too concerned about using masks or washing our hands frequently; after taking the course, we all are.  I truly recommend this app to others, it really helps.”

– Yenny, pictured left





“The class on savings helped me so much. My family and I like to eat out a lot, but when we do, we spend up to three times as much as when I cook from home. This course taught me this, and other things I will teach to others, especially that we should only spend what we need to.”


Yulisa holding a certificate

“The application has really helped me, especially in these times. We’ve been struggling with our business, but the app has given me clear and edifying instructions that have helped me implement what I learn. I feel so grateful for the support I have received while taking these courses, and I feel dedicated to keep learning.”

– Yulisa, pictured right




“The course on Female & Male Health was so important to me because it helped me realize how I can protect my body from illness through good hygiene.”

“I’m grateful for the course on Human Rights. This course filled me with strength because I realized my rights and the rights that should be available to all humans.”


With those very encouraging words, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at MoveUp.


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