I change, my world changes: 100% guaranteed

I change, my world changes: 100% guaranteed

Hello and welcome to 2022!

At the beginning of each year, people tend to make resolutions and set goals, seeking change, personal improvement and auto-help. In MoveUp we wish 2022 to be the year of the greatest growth and prosperity you have experienced so far.

In my house, we say:

“Every new day brings a perfect opportunity to change your life.”

If you are still reading this it is because you want more, because you are hungry, which is the product of that feeling of dissatisfaction that comes and goes, that invades you at certain times and makes you wonder: what am I in this world for? Is this all that I have to live for?

Certainly, life passes us in an instant… our lives can change in a second sometimes by our decisions, which turn into actions, or by the misfortunes of life. The truth is that once we decide something and put all our focus, attention and strength, and we committed ourselves to the end, things change and a new version of us begins to emerge.

We are passionate about empowering by education and their own efforts, thus being protagonists and not victims of their own lives. By making things happen in your favor, not by misfortune or luck.

“Take control of your life, deciding and making the changes you know you need.”

We believe that your best version already exists, only that it is hidden under many lies that you have believed or circumstances that have not favored you. Here, our job is to turn on a light so that you can find it.

To make your world (as you have known it until now) change, you must first change yourself.

An example of change

ChangeOne of the most used examples related to change is the butterfly. As you surely know, the butterfly is not born that majestic and beautiful being that we see, which has the amazing ability to fly. No. All butterflies are born as caterpillars. An unattractive insect that crawls slowly to move from one place to another.

As going from caterpillar to butterfly shows us, no transformation or change-process is easy.

The caterpillar must spend time just changing inside the cocoon, time that might seem wasted. This reminds me of the time for study and preparation that we must dedicate to achieve our best version.

While we study it might seem that nothing is happening, that we are not “in the middle of the action”, but the truth is that a lot happens when we prepare and study, only that the manifestation of these fruits will be seen later.

Then the caterpillar must fight to get out of the cocoon, representing this the time of work and effort that we must invest to obtain the experiences, skills, and abilities that we need for success.

Now, this arduous and tedious process is worth every sacrifice it costs us, because we will go from “crawling to flying.” We will be able to do what we could not before, we will live more freely, we will have more resources at our disposal, and we will be able to live fuller lives.

Manifesting your best version

Your best version manifests when you are yourself, when you love yourself as you are and accept your uniqueness, and from that platform you passionately pursue your purpose. This does not invalidate your ability to grow and to aspire for more, when there is a gap between what you need to achieve (your goals) and your current reality, but it reinforces the great need to be focused and have a clear vision of life.

Once we have that clear vision of where we are and where we want to go, then we must study and work hard to achieve it. All this is fulfilled based on the habits or rituals that we execute daily, which either bring us closer to our goals or keep us where we are. To learn a little more about the subject of habits (rituals) and the power of focus, I invite you to watch this short video of Tony Robbins.

“Things don’t happen by themselves. Everything of value requires preparation, effort, sacrifices, and persistence.”

In MoveUp we want to help you achieve your best version, and of the people you are responsible for, through the empowerment that only education and hard work provide.

You put the passion, desire, and drive, and we provide the platform with content that transforms lives and entire communities.

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