Celebrating the best teacher: Jesus

Celebrating the best teacher: Jesus

We are just a few days away from celebrating Christmas, a time designed to celebrate the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, who came into the world to open a way back to God the Father.

The life of Jesus was marked by the various roles that he played. For a few years he was a student, for others he was a carpenter, while in his later years he dedicated himself to teach and demonstrate the Kingdom of God.

At MoveUp we believe in the supreme importance of education for the fulfillment of people’s lives. We want to take advantage of this season to highlight the importance of the life of Jesus for our existence, focusing on his role as a good teacher.

I am awestruck by the reality that everything Jesus did or said was to prepare and teach his disciples something. The disciples were those men and women who responded to his call to continue his work (Jesus’ work) here on Earth. They would also be the representatives of the kingdom of heaven once Jesus returned to the Father. The preparation of these men was crucial for God’s restorative agenda to continue successfully once Jesus fulfilled his part of the assignment.

Despite all this, Jesus was so successful that his teachings, and the example set by the life of the disciples, have reached our days and continue to transform lives today. Testimony that well-executed teaching, education, or training not only changes people’s lives, but has the potential to impact the entire planet.

Jesus was so effective because he used all the techniques and technology available in his day to teach effectively.

1. There was a genuine interest in him that people’s lives change.
2. He used primarily oral teaching.
3. He showed with deeds the practice of what he taught.
4. Likewise, he used resources such as parables to clarify his teachings and help the audience understand him.
5. He sent them to live (practice) what he had taught them.
6. Later, the disciples used the written word to leave the historical record we have available today: the Bible.

Because of his successful ministry, Jesus became known as a teacher, and people from all-over came to learn from him. One day, a rich young man came to Jesus, addressing him in a special manner, to ask the most important question of his life:

17 As he left to follow his path, one came running, and kneeling before him, asked him: Good Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?

(Mark 10:17)

This man recognized that Jesus, as a Good Teacher, can answer questions impossible for men. Jesus dedicated himself to teach those who came to him, knowing that education was paramount so that people can understand his message of life and salvation, but also so that they can live a life of abundance on Earth. He taught how to live a life of purpose: achieve your goals, be prosperous in life, and serve the Kingdom of God.

MoveUp faithfully believes in the power of education to change lives. Good education, taught by good teachers, helps us achieve our goals and progress in life.

This season we are once again at your service so that together, we can bring in the year 2022 education that will change the lives of your loved ones; by executing our unique brand promises, which guarantee change, connection, transformation, and real impact measurement.

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Merry Christmas!


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